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Systematics 2015

10th Systematics Biennial 26-28 August 2015

26-28 August 2015 - University of Oxford.
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Note: accommodation at Christ Church College must be booked by 3 July 2015.

Latest podcast

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Is e-taxonomy a distraction or a solution?
Robert Scotland President of the SA and Vince Smith cyber-taxonomist at the NHM provide a lively debate on the issues facing taxonomy today.
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The Systematics Association welcomes anyone interested in the study or teaching of Systematics. Membership entitles you to reduced registration at our many Conferences, and major reductions on the books published by the Association. Find out more


The Systematics Association is committed to furthering all aspects of Systematic biology. It organises a vigorous programme of international conferences on key themes in systematics, including a series of major biennial conferences launched in 1997. The association also supports a variety of training courses in systematics and awards grants in support of systematics research. Find out more

Latest publication

Descriptive Taxonomy - The Foundation of Biodiversity Research

Descriptive Taxonomy - The Foundation of Biodiversity Research, volume 84
Mark F. Watson, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
Chris Lyal, Natural History Museum, London
Colin Pendry, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

Available in Hardback from CUP

2015 Council

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Next Event - Thursday 16th April 2015

Science Policy Lecture 2015 - jointly organised with the Linnean Society of London

A New Voyage of Discovery: Next-generation Biodiversity Discovery

Professor Ian Owens, Director of Science at the Natural History Museum, London - Find out more

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