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Results of 2012/13 round


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1 Oct - 31 Dec
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The SRF received a total of 114 applications for the 2012/13 round. Twenty eight of the applications were funded. Successful applicants have been contacted by email - if you applied this year you may like to check the list of funded applications to see if your name appears.

List of successful applicants for the 2012/13 SRF round
Name (Country) Project title
Mary Aime (U.S.A.) Macrofungal Diversity on the Guiana Shield: Year 14 of a long-term expeditionary field study
Olaoluwa Akinwale (Nigeria) Molecular Systematics of Snail Intermediate Hosts of Schistoma haematobium in Nigeria
Timothy Colston (U.S.A.) Disentangling Species Boundaries in the Brazilian Lancehead (Bothrops moojeni)
Bounsavane Douangboubpha (Laos) Enhancing the zoological collections of the National University of Laos
Luisa Duenas (Colombia) Phylogeography and diversification of the deep-sea octocoral Tokoprymno maia in sub-Antarctic waters
Anahí Espíndola (U.S.A.) Disentangling the evolutionary, biogeographic and ecological evolution of Chalepogenus Holmberg (Apidae: Tapinotaspidini)
Antonia Ford (U.K.) Oreochromis phylogeny and the colonisation of soda waters
Elliot Gardner (U.S.A.) Population genetics and species limits of Artocarpus odoratissimus Blanco (Moraceae)
Zoe Goodwin (U.K.) Completing the global inventory of plants - Species discovery and diversity
Gareth Griffith (U.K.) Does (Bacterial) Taxonomy Matter? The curious case of Polaromonas and the Betaproteobacteria
Traci Grzymala (U.S.A.) Utilizing Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy to Elucidate the Systematics of the Aderidae
Zeehan Jaafar (Singapore) A Review of Mudskippers & Allies - Implications for Broader Studies
David Kipling (U.K.) Enhancing the systematics and recording of British ascidians with improved field characteristics
Krzysztof Kozak (U.K.) Detecting Hybrid Speciation in the genome of an unusual butterfly
Jim Labisko (U.K.) Amphibians on the EDGE: Evolutionary relationships and conservation ecology of sooglossid frogs
Jesus Maldonado (U.S.A.) Systematics of New World Deer, with emphasis on neglected Neotropical Species
Nigel Marley (U.K.) Exploring Tardigrada biodiversity in the maritime Antarctic Peninsula
Nicholas Mason (U.S.A.) Phylogeographic patterns, local adaptation, and species limits in the Horned Lark
Sarah Pene (Fiji) Taxonomy, phylogeography and evolutionary history of Fiji's native Peperomia Ruiz & Pav. (Piperaceae)
David Penney (U.K.) Fossil Insects: An Introduction to Palaeoentomology (book)
Ana Perera (Portugal) Taxonomic reassesment of the moroccan lizard Scelarcis perspicillata
Catarina Rato (Portugal) Unravelling the divergence mechanisms in Tarentola mauritanica geckos: a complex species complex
Marie-Stéphanie Samain (Mexico) Botanical "Lonesome Georges" of the Andes: systematics of climbing Hydrangeas in Peru
Henrik Sundberg (Sweden) Orectogyrus specularis revisited: Testing Thaxter's sixteen species.
Michelle Taylor (U.K.) Hidden Biodiversity of Madagascan Coral Reefs: are humans impacting the unseen?
Martin Thompson (U.K.) A RAD phylogeny of the diverse butterfly genus Acraea
Mark van der Giezen (U.K.) Assessing the rare biosphere of an acid mine drainage site.
Ana Verissimo (Portugal) Alpha taxonomy of Squalus in the eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black seas

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Questions about the application procedure can be sent to Dr. Bente Klitgård

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