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Results of 2013/14 round


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1 Oct - 31 Dec
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The results of previous rounds: 2016/17, 2015/16, 2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13, 2011/12, 2010/11, 2009/10, 2008/09, 2007/08 and 2006/07


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The SRF received a total of 96 applications for the 2013/14 round. Thirty of the applications were funded. Successful applicants have been contacted by email - if you applied this year you may like to check the list of funded applications to see if your name appears.

List of successful applicants for the 2013/14 SRF round
Name (Country) Project title
Eleanor Adamson (U.K.) Myanmar freshwater biogeography; understanding a biogeographical transition zone.
Anahita Aebli (Switzerland) Diversification of Malagasy Mimosoids and assembly of the biota of Madagascar.
Patricia Álvarez-Campos (Spain) Phylogenetic study of Syllinae polychaetes (Annelida, Syllidae).
Maria Bas (Spain) Marine microbial taxonomic characterization of biofilms associated to whale bones.
Fred Benham (U.S.A.) Historical and demographic influences on saltmarsh adaptation in Savannah Sparrows.
Bonnie Blaimer (U.S.A.) Uncovering arboreal ant diversity in a montane rainforest in Madagascar.
Adam Brunke (Denmark) Relicts of Ancient Forests: Uncovering Evolution of Hyperdiverse Staphylinini (Insecta: Coleoptera).
Anne Brysting (Norway) Initial phylogeographic survey of two Laminariales along a latitudinal gradient.
Sammy De Grave (U.K.) Unravelling the systematic importance of the nebenauge (ocellus) in caridean shrimp.
Daniela Da'Costa (Guatemala) Molecular biogeography of the New World Bess beetle, Passalus punctiger (Coleoptera: Passalidae).
Tiffany Doan Costa (U.S.A.) Alpha Taxonomy in the Andes of Peru: Novel Montane Lizards.
Alfredo Garcia (Spain) Unraveling the Cheirolophus webbianus complex in the north of Tenerife Island.
Will Goodall-Copestake (U.K.) Sourcing and characterising salps for genomic studies.
D. James, Harris (Portugal) Systematics of the high-altitude montane lizard Atlantolacerta andreanskyi in Morocco.
Orlando Jara Muñoz (Colombia) Diversity and Biogeographic History of Andean Begonias.
Francesca Jarero (U.K.) Collection of a 'hopeful monster': the relict tapeworm Haplobothrium globuliforme.
Áki Láruson (U.s.A.) Morphological correlation with genome implied species: elucidating the sea urchin genus Tripneustes.
Jefferson Maciel (Brazil) Phylogeny and Evolution of the gigantic bromeliads (Aechmea subg. Chevaliera).
Robert McKenzie (South Africa) Phylogenetic relationships of Haplocarpha hastata and generic revision of subtribe Arctotidinae (Asteraceae)
Alex Monro (U.K.) Documenting the threatened cave flora of SW China.
Andrew Novikoff (Ukraine) Publication of the book "Modern Systematics of Higher Plants: an Introductory Guide".
Javier Ortega-Hernandez (U.K.) The middle Cambrian lobopodian Aysheaia pedunculata revisited: significance for early arthropod evolution.
Ana Riesgo (Spain) Species delineation in the sponge genus Ircinia using multigene datasets.
Marcela Rodriguero (Argentina) Delimitation of evolutionary units and transitions between sexuality and asexuality in the South American weevil Pantomorus postfaciatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).
Bruno Rossaro (Italy) Molecular taxonomy of Diamesa (Diptera, Chironomidae): DNA repository and dichotomous key.
Paula Simões (Portugal) Cicada species diversity: survey for a poorly known group in North Africa.
Vincent Trunzv (Switzerland) Molecular phylogeny of the leaf-cutter bees (Apoidea: Megachilidae, tribe Megachilini).
Timothy Utteridge (U.K.) Systematics of Ardisia (Primulaceae: Myrsinoideae).
Mohammad Vatanparast (Japan) A comprehensive species-level phylogeny of the rosewoods (Dalbergia, Fabaceae).
Aida Verdes Gorin (U.S.A.) Systematics and evolution of bioluminescence in polychaetes of the genus Odontosyllis.
Name (Country) Title

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