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Events in 2005

6-8 April 2005 The Palms - An international symposium on the biology of the palm family
Linnean Society and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Bill Baker
4-8th July 2005 Fifth International Brachiopod Congress
Geological Museum, University of Copenhagen
David Harper
6 July 2005 The Sir Julian Huxley Lecture - Reconstructing life habits of extinct animals: trilobites as a test case
Richard Fortey
Linnean Society, London
19 August 2005 Algorithmic Approaches to the Identification Problem in Systematics
Meeting to mark retirement of Barbara Pickersgill
Natural History Museum, London
Norman MacLeod
22-26 August 2005 5th Biennial Meeting
National Museum and Gallery of Wales, Cardiff
1. What is biogeography? Malte Ebach
2. The New Taxonomy Quentin Wheeler
2. Compatibility Methods in Systematics Mark Wilkinson
6 December 2005 Young Systematists' Forum
The Natural History Museum, London
Mark Wilkinson
7 December 2005 Annual General Meeting and Annual Lecture - Google, Yahoo, and the end of taxonomy?
Rod Page
Linnean Society, London

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