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Events in 2006

11-12 April 2006 Symposium on the State of Molecular Systematics in Algae
The Natural History Museum, London
Juliet Brodie and Jane Lewis
10-13 April 2006 Palaeogeography and Palaeobiogeography: Biodiversity in Space and Time
University of Cambridge
Claire Slater
5 July 2006 The Sir Julian Huxley Lecture - Species Evolution
Loren Rieseberg, University of Indiana
Society of Antiquaries, London
4 August 2006 Advances in Economic Botany
Meeting to mark retirement of Barbara Pickersgill
Linnean Society, London
Julie Hawkins
18-22 September 2006 Third International Rubiaceae Conference: Rubiaceae Systematics in the 21st Century
University of Leuven, Belgium
Erik Smets
6 December 2006 Annual General Meeting and Annual Lecture - Simple but Smart: How our Closest Protozoan Relatives (The Choanoflagellates) Conquered the World
Barry Leadbeater
Linnean Society, London
7 December 2006 Young Systematists' Forum
The Natural History Museum, London
Juliet Brodie and Jonathan Bennett

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