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Events for 2011

Date Event Contact
23 Jan - 4 Feb, 2011 Workshop on Molecular Evolution
Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
Application deadline 1 Oct 2010
Further details
Course Co-Directors
Michael P. Cummings
Scott A. Handley
and Naiara Rodriquez-Ezpeleta
21 - 27 February 2011 BioSystematics Berlin 2011
Further details
14th April 2011 Joint Biodiversity Policy Lecture with Linnean Society
Speaker: Peter Bridgewater, Chair JNCC
Seeing REDD: Science, Policy and Politics in Biodiversity and Climate Change.
Starts: 6pm Linnean Society
Tea will be served in the Library from 5.30pm and the lecture will be followed by a wine reception. This meeting is free and open to all; registration is not necessary
Further details
4th - 8th July 2011 8th Biennial Meeting
Queen's University, Belfast
Further details
23 - 30 July 2011 XVIII International Botanical Congress
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia
Further details or
5 October 2011 Sir Julian Huxley lecture
Taxonomy in the 21st century
Speaker: Prof. Charles Godfray, Oxford University
Starts: 6pm Linnean Society
Further details
18 - 19th October 2011 Next Generation Plant Ecology & Evolution workshop 2011
A two day workshop on how next generation sequencing technologies can transform research in plant ecology and evolution.
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Further details
30 November 2011 - 10.00am Molluscan Forum
Organised by the Malacological Society of London
The Natural History Museum, London, UK
Further details
30 November 2011 - 5.00pm Annual General Meeting
The Linnean Society, Burlington House, London, UK
Download Agenda, Minutes of 2010 AGM
30 November 2011 - 6.00pm President's Lecture
The earliest tetrapods: What were they, and what are they?
Speaker: Professor Jenny Clack, University of Cambridge
The Linnean Society, Burlington House, London, UK
Download a flier
1 December 2011 2011 Young Systematists' Forum,
Flett Lecture Theatre, The Natural History Museum, London, UK
Further details
Elinor Michel , Jon Todd, Maria Vorontsova

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