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Events for 2013

Date Event
18-22 February 2013 BioSyst.EU 2013 Global systematics!Second BioSyst EU
The second joint meeting BioSyst.EU 2013, is organized by NOBIS Austria and will take place in Vienna from February 18-22, 2013. The conference is hosted by the University of Vienna and the Natural History Museum Vienna. Within its frame the annual meetings of GfBS and NOBIS Austria will be held.
Further details
Contacts: Gerry Schneider (general issues)
Mathias Harzhauser (scientific programme)
18 April 2013 Biodiversity Policy Lecture
Agricultural Biodiversity - will Homo sapiens live up to its name?
Julian Hosking, Senior Specialist Adviser at Natural England
6.00pm Royal Astronomical Society**, Burlington House, London, UK

**Note the change of venue
Further details
14-16 May 2013 The second International Scientific Conference on Plant Morphology "Modern Phytomorphology", which will be held on 14-16 May 2013 in Lviv (Ukraine)
1st Circular | Conference website
Applications close 31 December 2012
Contacts: Andrew Novikoff
20 June 2013 Sir Julian Huxley Lecture
Exploring adaptive radiations
Prof. Mike Benton, School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK.
Further details
6.00pm Flett Lecture Theatre, The Natural History Museum, London, UK
13 November 2013 Joint Systematics Association and Linnean Society debate

'The British conservation model: unambitious, irrational and afraid of nature?' A debate between conservationists and rewilders

Invited speakers: George Monbiot,
Clive Hambler, Hertford College
Miles King, Bug Life
Aidan Lonergan, RSPB

6.00pm at the Linnean Society London, UK
Further details and registration
27 November 2013 Willi Hennig (1913-1976) Willi Hennig (1913-1976): His Life, Legacy and the Future of Phylogenetic Systematics

Speakers: Leandro C. S. Assis, Andy Brower, Gareth Nelson, Ole Seberg, Pascal Tassy, Charissa Varma, Quentin Wheeler, David Williams, Willi Xylander, René Zaragüeta i Bagils and the author of the Hennig biography, Michael Schmitt.

all day meeting at the Linnean Society London, UK
Further details and registration
28 November 2013 Annual General Meeting

5pm, Linnean Society London, UK
28 November 2013 President's Lecture
Plant Hunting in the 21st Century

John Wood, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, UK.

6pm, Linnean Society London, UK
Further details
29 November 2013 Young Systematists' Forum
a FREE one day meeting
Flett Lecture Theatre, The Natural History Museum, London, UK
The annual Young Systematists' Forum represents an exciting setting for Masters, PhD and young postdoctoral researchers to present their data, often for the first time, to a scientific audience interested in taxonomy, systematics and phylogenetics.
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