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Please note: The maximum amount awarded is £2,000, with only half of that amount awarded upfront and the balance being paid on publication of the symposium volume with Cambridge University Press.

Events for 2014

Date Event
17 April 2014 Biodiversity Policy Lecture
The Darwin Initiative: simple formula, amazing impact
Professor Stephen Blackmore, Chairman, Botanic Gardens Conservation International
6.00pm Linnean Society, Burlington House, London, UK

Since its launch at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, the Darwin Initiative has established itself as a highly effective model for tackling the challenges of the biodiversity crisis. Its essence is deceptively simple: establishing partnerships that focus expertise on countries rich in biodiversity but poor in financial resources. This has proved efficient and cost effective with more than 830 projects successfully completed in 157 countries with a total expenditure of over £97 million. What lies ahead for this influential initiative?

This event is free and open for all, registration is not necessary. Tea and coffee will be served in the Library prior to the event and a wine reception will follow.
13-15 May 2014 Modern Phytomorphology, Lviv The third International Scientific Conference on Plant Morphology "Modern Phytomorphology", which will be held on 13-15 May 2014 in Lviv (Ukraine)
1st Circular Conference website
Applications close 31 December 2013
Contacts: Andrew Novikoff
15 October 2014 Sir Julian Huxley Lecture
The evolutionary origins of diversity in cancer.
Professor Mel Greaves, Professor of Cell Biology, Institute of Cancer Research
6.00pm Linnean Society, Burlington House, London, UK
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21 November 2014 Young Systematists' Forum
a FREE one day meeting
Flett Lecture Theatre, The Natural History Museum, London, UK
The annual Young Systematists' Forum represents an exciting setting for Masters, PhD and young postdoctoral researchers to present their data, often for the first time, to a scientific audience interested in taxonomy, systematics and phylogenetics.
Further details
27 November 2014 Annual General Meeting

4.30pm, Linnean Society, Burlington House, London, UK
Further details
Agenda of 2014 AGM, Draft minutes of 2013 AGM.
27 November 2014 President's Lecture
e-taxonomy: a debate between Robert Scotland (SA President) and Vince Smith, cybertaxonomist at the Natural History Museum
5.30pm, Linnean Society, Burlington House, London, UK
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